Research on design

From sketches to final products, our designers team works on unique designs for our products.

We coat great designs with high-end materials to bring to life never-seen before products, with added-value both on comfort and aesthetics.

Lexip - the first mouse with mobile upper shell
Croquis 2
Croquis 2

Research on technology

Research takes time.

Coming soon...

Conducted projects

The Arktouch Technology is a powerful one, which has been implemented in two working prototypes.

The Cube is an interactive set of giant screens, precise enough to be used in a school or a museum, and resistant enough to be kicked or shot at.
This capacity makes the Cube an incredible tool for educational purpose, training sessions, and even events animation.

The interactive foosball table employs the same technology. It is the first foosball table featuring a mixed-reality ground, still working with real balls.
Its unique infrared sensing technology displays interactive scenes while the game runs, for more accessible and educative gameplays.

Awarded products

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