Where we come from

Our history starts in 1994 with Ludotec, a digital material shop in the French Alps, founded by Lionel Chataignier. He quickly understood how important customer service is, and he developed his business around this axis. He customized computers according to his clients’ needs, and offered computer science lessons for those who needed help to use their devices. Based on this strength, the local shop quickly grew into several stores. Then the stores were sold and a wholesaler company called E-Concept was created.  Since 1999, E-Concept has been trading games, gaming accessories and computer accessories.

In 2012, a holding was created, in order to host E-Concept for the trading part, as well as a company dedicated to innovation. Thanks to this new company, we were able to create highly innovative products, such as the Lexip gaming mouse, the interactive Cube, or a digital pinball cabinet.

Throughout the years, Pixminds has developed several brands of its own.

  • R-Cade is the fusion of retro-gaming spirit and new generation technologies in gaming. Our French-made Arcade cabinets enhance the History of gaming.
  • Steelplay creates smart gaming accessories for console and PC gamers.
  • Lexip is about to become one of the most innovative brands on the PC peripherals market.

About Pixminds

Pixminds is a French company based in Chambery, with a focus on man-machine interfaces applied to multimedia environments. Over the last couple of years, Pixminds was awarded 36 major prizes – including 22 CES Innovation Awards – for its products and is one of the leading French companies in the High Tech sector.

5 brands 13 patents 36 awards


Giant interactive

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Premium range of pro and
gaming accessories

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Consumer grade gaming
accessories brand

CESGerman design 2022German Innovation Award



Eco-friendly range of
computer accessories




Retro Arcade & Digital pinball machines

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French TechFrench Fab


Beyond innovation, Pixminds is also present with Pixminds Distribution and Pixminds Manufacturing respectively distributing and manufacturing accessories and derivative multimedia products which are present in 40+ countries.

Meet Pixminds' founder

Pixminds is above all a beautiful story with a beautiful team. A tribe, of which I am particularly proud, with enormous capacities for innovation and organisation. Like in an orchestra, everyone in the company plays its part in concert, in the most efficient way and with a good knowledge of know their role well. The result is a beautiful symphony.

Lionel Chataignier, CEO & Director of Innovation

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