Valiant Esport in le Dauphiné Libéré

We are pleased to learn that our team Valiant is honoured in an article in the Dauphiné Libéré. The Savoyard esport team Valiant (formerly Team CSE), has made a name for itself in the French esport landscape, particularly on the Valorant game.

As the manufacturer of Valiant products, Pixminds works closely with the team to create a new generation of esport products. Their success is based on their passion, determination and the community they have gathered around their project.

The Dauphiné Libéré article discusses Valiant's outstanding performance on Valorant, Fortnite and TeamFight Tactics (TFT), as well as the reasons behind their focus on these games and their players' journey.

We are particularly proud of the success of Team Valiant and the virtuous interactions within Pixminds with our brands Lexip and Steelplay. Our common goal is to continue to work together to promote esport in Savoie, France and internationally.

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Let's continue to develop esport and innovate in this exciting field!