Lexip - Challenge the rules

Lexip intends to set the standard for the next generations of human-computer interaction devices and provide computer users with peripherals (mice, headsets, mousepads and keyboards) that far exceed the performances and interaction capabilities of competitors on the market.

Lexip’s products are not about upgrading existing features, they are about inventing a new way of interacting with computers.

Pu94 hoists high the colors of Lexip. The first mouse equipped with two joysticks represents a revolution in the 40 years of computer mice history. It can be used as a 3D contoller, as well as a classic mouse.

Lexip has released ceramic glide feet, which can be adjusted to any laser or optical mouse. Mo42 is a great choice for those seeking comfort when working or gaming on their computer. Thanks to the minimal friction offered by ceramic, Mo42 glide feet enable to reach unmatched gliding quality.

Steelplay - Because we are all gamers

Born in 2014, Steelplay provides smart accessories for console and PC platforms.

Steelplay wants to offer gamers a range of accessories to make the most of their gaming sessions. The products are resistant, reliable, and have a reasonable price. They are conceived and produced to satisfy all stakeholders in the value creation process, from the manufacturer to the end users.

Steelplay's Powerbank was named honoree at CES 2019, as an innovative product in the "Wireless Devices, Accessories and Services" category. It offers users great practicality, with no loose cable, and an effective screen protection for your Switch or smartphone.

HP-43 wired headset by Steelplay includes an adjustable headband and big soft ear pads for comfort, even if listening for long periods of time.

Steelplay's Metaltech wired and wireless controllers provide an affordable, comfortable and resilient alternative to standard PS4 controllers. Recognized with a German Design Award 2022 for their innovative design and comfort of use, its metallic outer shell is unmatched in console gaming.

Ark Innovation - implement today projects for tomorrow

You are bombarded with information and various stimuli. The span of attention, as critical as it is, is more and more difficult to maintain.

You are intimately convinced that immersive technologies are paramount to our future ways of exchanging. You want to implement today your projects for tomorrow’s enterprise. Ark offers you bespoke solutions to create interactive shared workspaces and elevate your communication to a new dimension.

How to engage your audience, effectively communicate your message and stand above your competition?

Ark’s answer: engage your audience – irrelevant of where located - by maximizing immersion. How? Propose intuitive and engaging interactions as customized as possible. Measure efficiency in an easy and adjustable way depending on the number of users.

R-cade - Past, Future, Present. Play different.

Since 2015, R-cade has been conceiving and manufacturing tailor-made and high-end machines in our production facilities in the French Alps.

R-cade offers the perfect mix between the 1980's video game machines and today's new technologies, for unique gaming sensations.
The scope of E-sport witnesses an evergrowing gaming spirit all over the world. Arcade games represent the soul and history of gaming, and we are happy and proud to be part of this world.

For those of you who feel nostalgic about your memorable pinball game sessions, R-cade created the most realistic feeling digital pinball cabinet : authentic dimensions, authentic feeling and sensations, customizable tables.

For fans of old-school arcade duels, our arcade cabinets are for you.