In fact, during the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a few companies stole the spotlight during the CES Award ceremonies. But with so much going on, this might have flown under your radar. Now that dust settling a bit after the show and various post-show announcements, let's take look at a couple of edgy audio and gaming winners who could end up shaping their realm of the industry in a major way.


However, a small company called Pixminds staged a tech coup by winning six CES 2019 Innovation Awards and in the process placed the company third among wins only behind tech behemoths Samsung and Bosch.

Pixminds is a French multimedia company that made waves at the show in such categories as fitness, sports and biotech, computer accessories, and computer peripherals, among others. The product's lure is its giant touch screen and unique mouse that was developed with gamers in mind.

Pixminds has improved the operation of the mouse by actually mounting it onto springs and grafting a joystick. This design allows players to become more responsive than when using standard equipment. The company has also designed a platform that offers interactive experiences across a variety of screens from those to be found in future classrooms to massive entertainment complexes.

The French business won for various products it manufacturers such as its R-Cade AutoVR in the Computer Peripherals Category at CES. While other competitors offered a monitor or a controller in this category, the R-Cade AutoVR is the only awarded item which contains both a monitor and controllers so that a more immersive VR experience occurs. The secret is that the peripherals are assembled together inside the device.

Now after the win, Pixminds plans even greater distribution than the current 28 countries, including the United States and EU, in which the product can currently be found. “We are just so proud to be among such emblematic companies, including Samsung, MSI, Motorola, Bosch and Dell," explains Lionel Chataignier, Pixminds founder and CEO.  "This shows that smaller companies can compete and deliver consistent ranges of innovative, market-responsive products and make them available worldwide, now more than ever.”

These awards point to a rising trend that could be indicative of a future vibe at CES.  While the presence and presentations of large, multi-national tech companies are polished and impressive, they do not emit electricity. After all, what more can 60-year-old or 100-year-old companies say in terms of disruption?

No, the next wave of CES will be ushered in via a break-out blockchain- or AI-native company starts to sizzle and commands a keynote main stage appearance for a standing-room-only crowd. Such a move will represent the true next era of thought and product offering in technology - the next iteration. And this will be reflected not only at CES but in the business world overall. Even the week's hottest, can't-get-in evening events were hosted by the edgiest upstarts or collective of upstarts and not the old school with the deep pockets. Watch for new energy to soon overtake a new era.

By Loren deLisa Coleman