Tom's Guide

You won’t have to long to get some glide in your life. The Mo42 ceramic glide feet will be available on Jan. 16 and cost $19.99 for a pack of six. Each ceramic glider measures 1.2 mm thick and 8 mm long. 

The company behind the Mo42, Lexip, actually made its name on Kickstarter, making the Pu94 gaming mouse. The Pu94 implemented ceramic feet instead of the usual Teflon material that mice use to ensure non-stickiness. The reason that Lexip decided to go with ceramic instead of Teflon is that ceramic is more durable and actually increases glide. 

When I tested a mouse using the ceramic feet, I was impressed with how well it practically slid off the table. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do any gaming with the Mo42, but the experience felt very natural as I snapped the mouse back and forth, mimicking typical first-person shooter reactions.

The best part is that Mo42 is easy to set up on any mouse that you already own. Once you clean the bottom of your mouse with the included sticky tape and alcohol wipe, you just peel the bottom layer of one of the feet to expose the adhesive, then stick it to the bottom of the mouse.

You’ll have to use at least 4 of the feet to stabilize a mouse, but you don’t have to worry about the laser or optical sensor being lifted out of range, as most sensors have a 1.3 mm height tolerance. This puts the Mo42 ceramic glide feet right below the threshold.

The Mo42 is perfect for anyone attempting salvage an old mouse with withered down Teflon, and I am pretty excited to see how the accessory will affect the performance of my own mice while gaming.

Written by Rami Tabari