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Upon receiving the mouse AND signature mouse pad I was a little intimidated. For one, the pad is pretty big and not like anything I have ever owned before. Mapping was a breeze, even for me, the filthiest of casuals. The whole setup feels very luxe, the ceramic feet on the pad made it feel like I was driving a very expensive sports car. It just glides, at first I was all over the place, I was not accustomed to such intuitive movement. However I adjusted, the harder adjustment was mastering the double joystick mobility.

I really had to retrain my brain when it came to fully utilizing the mobility functions. It was pretty wonky for a few days. However, once I got comfortable, I fully understood what makes this mouse stand out. I don’t know that I could ever go back! It’s hard to describe, but it definitely feels like I’m cheating. This level of mobility is definitely the future and Lexip is leading the way.

Check out the chat I had with Lexip about their intentions with this product and their future:

What inspired Lexip? Are you gamers?

Games are getting more realistic, complex and competitive. Every year games tend to have 10% more controls than the previous year, but gaming hardware did not follow so far – all you can do is mapping these additional controls to your keyboard, or onto an array of buttons on your gaming mouse. Not optimal when you know about the variety of technologies out there. Led by our gamer president Lionel, we have been doing all kinds of things for the past twenty years – running shops, distributing AAA game licences to other shops, manufacturing arcade cabinets and running e-sport tournaments for Capcom and Redbull. In 2013, Lionel met a smart R&D team that was designing a special hybrid tool for 3D artists: A mouse that included two inner joysticks. Six axis of freedom, 50% more productivity for studios. Lionel saw something different: With two joysticks in a single hand, you can pilot a complete spacecraft. You can lean, crouch and switch your items faster than ever. So with some more R&D, Lexip could be a boon for players of all levels.

Is it daunting to enter into such a flooded market full of so many established brands? How do you know you can compete?

It is a flooded market indeed, but a market on which nothing major has happened in the past 40 years. Competition is an opportunity when you differentiate from the rest of the market. It highlights your advantages, it adds grist to the mill. Pu94 gaming mouse is a never-seen-before peripheral for PC gamers, and Mo42 ceramic feet offer all mice an unmatched gliding quality + a longer lifespan.  Users are not mistaken when it comes to improved benefits.

What are some of your goals for your products in the near future?

We intend to re-invent all peripherals composing a PC gamer’s set up. Innovation can be implemented in a keyboard, a headset or a mouse pad. But ” technical innovation is only the beginning, because when confronted to a technical change, users adapt and modify their habits. And this is where the relationship between the human and the machine evolves.” states Lionel Chataignier.

I want to thank Lexip for letting me experience their innovative products and look forward to what will come next. To learn more about Lexip, head over to their OFFICIAL SITE.

Written by Rebecca “Bonks” Rothschild @rbonksr